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Blaze Vector Production

Forge provides Blaze Vector Production to help academic scientists and gene therapy developers access turnkey, scalable, research-grade vector production without a long-term commitment.


  • Our proprietary Ignition Cells have a clear, well-documented history and are serum-free HEK293s optimized for yield and consistency in the suspension system.
  • Open licensing and royalty-free usage.
  • Established process for any AAV serotype.*
  • Upfront communication and competitive pricing.
  • Fast turnaround time in 6-8 weeks.
  • Process development to perform experiments on novel engineered capsids.
  • Experienced team with decades of AAV manufacturing experience.
  • Dedicated client support throughout your journey with Forge.


Small - 1 L

Blaze Process

Step 1: Research-grade plasmid manufacturing
Step 2: Proprietary Ignition Cells™ are serum-free HEK293s optimized for yield and consistency
Step 3: Triple Transfection model and hold
Step 4: Cell Lysis & Nuclease

Step 6: Bulk harvest material is clarified by depth filtration
Step 7: Affinity Chromatography
Step 8: Cesium Chloride Ultracentrifugation Gradient
Step 9: Dialysis
Step 10: .2uM Filtration
Step 11: Fill & Finish Drug Product

*Common Serotypes

  • AAV1
  • AAV2
  • AAV2.7m8
  • AAV3B
  • AAV5
  • AAV6
  • AAV6.2

*Common Serotypes

  • AAV7
  • AAV8
  • AAV9
  • AAVrh10
  • AAVrh74
  • Anc80
  • Plus novel serotypes
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