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How Patients Guide Our Work

At Forge Biologics, the Patient Advocacy team acts as a vital connection between Forge and individuals within the patient and caregiver community. By facilitating dialogue about our programs and incorporating feedback from the community, Forge Biologics is committed to developing impactful solutions. The Patient Advocacy team actively collects patient insights, identifies unaddressed needs, and collaborates strategically with Forge Biologics' team to ensure that patient communities play a central role in guiding our endeavors throughout the lifespan of our programs and products.

Our Focus Areas

At Forge Biologics, our patient advocacy team is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the rare disease communities we serve. Our efforts focus on partnering closely with patient advocacy organizations and the rare disease communities we serve, actively listening and learning from patients' experiences, and raising awareness.

Our Commitment

If someone you love has been diagnosed with Krabbe disease, know that we are working to bring our programs safely, effectively, and expediently to the Krabbe community. We are more than just a company; we are real people that care deeply about connecting with, listening to, and understanding the patients and families we serve. If you’d like to connect with us, simply reach out. We’re here to listen, learn, and help however we can.

Community Stories

Learn about some of the patients we serve through these short films showcasing the remarkable stories of families affected by Krabbe disease.

Elisa, Derek & Graham
Steve, Nicole, Tyler & Trevor
Stacy & Makayla
Rachel, Wes & Mila
Karlita, Ryan & Ezra
Lesa, Brennan & Tori
Anne, Nick & Gina
Jenna, Nick & Nico

Connect with Our Patient Advocacy Team

Michelle Salvo, Senior Manager of Patient Advocacy

Kelly Bossola, Clinical Team Representative

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